Globe Roaming [Unlocking The Rates, Types, Activations]

Globe Roaming [Unlocking The Rates, Types, Activations]

If having an evergreen interest in travelling or worldwide tourism, But want to enjoy seamless activities at affordable prices, don’t be bored as the dominating interface of globe telecom company also offers wide abroad packages, promos, rates and some activation tips to enjoy the latest internet stuff on your device at anywhere.

During access to multiple rates and offers look no further than connecting you with social media and other material through international Globe Roaming, because have a roaming service, that provides detailed expression to use on Android devices while you’re travelling out of the Philippines country.

Types of Globe Roaming

Offering a stable connection between the sender and receiver in multiple functionalities containing Text messages, call receiving and also playing any stream with access to internet plans on different areas. Here are the various types of roaming most of them are Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, 5G and international roaming.

Prepaid Roaming

For the activation turn on your device by opening the globe app, move to write GRome on [starting Date] [Totall Days] and paste this message on 2884. Still, if you don’t understand this mechanism you can go with GROAM on 06/01/2008 on this similar dial number 2884.

For the continuous usage of Globe Prepaid international Roaming, mostly your account also has an amount of an extra 100 Philippine pesos, after the activation of the prepaid plan in a 100 php budget as before the arrival of travelling Users can request before 7 days on this.

Globe Postpaid Roaming

Postpaid Subscription users almost can also get help from the call assistant of Globe Company, without any cost to their sim balance, dial the call on this number “+632.7301212” from your phone or also dial 211 for help.

Globe Roaming Postpaid

Data Roaming

During travel, enhance the enjoyment with Entertainment content like television shows and news programs but serve the data plan, so the data roaming also helps you to move further and use it safely.

Making Effortless Calls while Roaming

Differentially two conditions are occupied during the telephone call while roaming as “postpaid customers” just dial the plus sign (+), following the country code or phone number. Making the easiest way for users likewise “for landline” by dialling “+6327301000” for the globe “roaming hotline”. Another simple instance for” mobile phones” is just dial “+639178000000“, and now move to play the call.

The simple way for “prepaid users” is complicated with a 131 and wants to make any call like phone number, driver or other located area code. The same steps but have a little difference as a comparison for example for a landline dial “1316327301000” or also dial a mobile phone as “131639178000000” After completing the process of entering the number on the device make a call without hurdles.

Sending Messages while Roaming

The simplest and easiest guide for sending the SMS is making a style international mobile number with given details that contain (Country Code)+(Mobile Accessibility Code)+(Phone Number), to understand this process as “+639xxxxxxxxx”.

Globe Roaming [Unlocking The Rates, Types, Activations]

Now open the SMS function within your device, type your SMS in the field bar, put the receiver number and click on the send button.

Navigates to Globe Roaming Rates and Activations

  • Offering the various roaming plans like calls, SMS, internet and other plans by the Globe
  • Almost different packages also depend on variations of budget
  • To check and activate them, just open the official website and activate your desired bundle.
  • For the activation of plans, it is necessary to have a balance in your prepaid account.
  • Dial *143#, prepaid user will select “Roaming & Int”, while the postpaid user choose the appropriate section.
  • The instructions show on the screen select your better one and activate it, then restart your device and again play it.

Get Help and Support from Globe

  • These roaming plans are pre-activated, due to some errors some acquire with manual activation, you can visit the website and check them.
  • if you’re unaware, make a call [+632] 7730-1212 to get help from the support assistant.
  • To verify this active plan, dial a call or type a message to process it.


In the end standard position, as officially roaming plans with low budget prices, activating them on prepaid or postpaid subscriptions, safe communication over the world with miner covering of amount, enhance the safe travel to enjoy the more controversies with extra liberty features of Globe roaming on international based.


How can I activate my Globe Roaming?

During the activation of Globe Roaming, Dial *143# without any charges and also if you’re living anywhere, make a roaming hotline at +63277301212 for free.

Is Globe automatic roaming?

You don’t need to switch your sim for calls or SMS as enhance your abilities through the auto signals of roaming over 130 countries.

Can I use my Globe number abroad?

Yes, after reaching outside of the residential area, you can use globe number services anywhere.

Can you receive calls when roaming is off?

Yes, receiving the call during the turning off roaming due to turning off data save the local and roaming data weather not turn off the call and considered as a roaming call.