Sun Sim Registration Online [Get Link & Easy Steps]

Sun Sim Registration Online [Get Link & Easy Steps]

The importance of Sim Card Registration especially in Philippines somehow improve the user’s privacy security and kept the information safe from malware or unauthorized access. While Sun Sim registration is also dominated layer among Globe, Smart, TM and TNT Sims as through the act of sim in this area, This one also offering an reliable and cheap packages for calls, data and other related things.

Simple and shortest way to register you Sun Sim is requires an link, Add your Sim Number and then click on Verify OTP, Next move on putting your ID Number, Address and detail contact information.

Important Required Credentials

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Valid Id
  • Sun or Smart Sim
  • Stable Internet
  • Clear Scan of ID

Registration Through Dial

Here is the also simple way to register your sim through the dial display and also one is SMS method so just dial the helpline number “(02) 8 395-8000” and also their “fax number” is “(02) 8 696-7134“by getting this you can ask queries about your registration.

Sun Sim Registration [Easy Online Method]
  • Now landed on Sim Registration page and also an easy guided information available.
  • Paste your “mobile number” in given below designed box
  • After entering the number, Click on box “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Find below an “OTP Field Box” and Hit “Send OTP
  • An “OTP verification code” will appear on your screen within few seconds.
  • Copy this code, paste into the designated field box.
  • Now Tap on “Verify OTP“.
  • At the final ending process your Sim Number will verified.
  • Click on “Ok”, Move to share the personal user information after this.
enter sun number

Customer Information [Fill the form]

  • Fill the user informational form somehow similar to Globe Sim
  • Type of Registration
  • Nationality
  • ID Card
  • Upload Valid
  • Upload Clear Selifie
  • Input Your ID Card Number
  • First Name
  • Middle Name, You can select also (I have No Middle Name)
  • Last Name
  • Birthday (Day, Month, Year)
  • Gender
verify identity

After filling this page of personal informational form, click on “Next” and then user of Sun Sim will redirected to another data side in which required private address and other whole details.

upload id
  • Add your official address in required box of form
  • Add House Number, Street, Village, Floor and Building.
  • Must required “Province” and City.
  • Zip Code
  • Alternative Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Now click on “Next” Box to continue at next page.
check box and click on next

Review All details & Confirm

Before the verification done, must check twice and also review about your given data, then check the box, when you’re satisfied from the personal correct details, tick the next box and move on next and final page, check this also “would you like to receive confirmation offers from us” now you have successfully verified your Sun Sim Registration.

Sun Data, Calls & Text Packages

Here are we described the some famous and affordable packages which you can get on your sim after applying this method.

Surf Plus 20 (data)

Surf Plus 50 (data)

Call & Text Combo (20)

Call & Text Combo (50)

Common Errors (Fixing)

  • Invalid Issued ID Card: During uploading the documents, must check that it should be clearly scanned and also approved from Govt system.
  • Website Not Working: Sometime due to internet lower-end official platform not loading and user can fix them by checking the device connection with internet.


How do i register my Sun Sim?

Here are three methods as Through SMS, Dial and Online way as open your SMS app in device and type “Register > send it on 9800 and then wait. Through dial (02) 8 395-8000 you can also get register your sim.

What happened to Sun SIM card?

PLDT announced about Sun prepaid Services on October 21, 2020 that these are integrated with Smart Sim while user can leave its postpaid offers.

How do I activate my sun SIM replacement?

Power off your device, Extract your old sim and replace with your Active Sun Sim, Turn On Phone, An SMS will show from 3723, Reply them by pasting your number and then wait for confirmation SMS on Screen.