TNT SIM Registration Link Online & Form [Quick Method]

TNT SIM Registration Link Online & Form [Quick Method]

Its necessary to enhance your security through the Sim Registration Act while registration of TNT Sim is important for user being residents of Philippines, Why its vital to register and verify user details for using Smart network? Now you’re ready to buy this network sim you should follow simple steps of TNT SIM Registration as legal documents, Issued ID, Address and phone number.

Various Sims available in Philippine and each one need to verify user details and registration procedure in case of robbery, fraudulent activities and also online access of privacy data.

TNT SIM Registration [Online Methods]

Here are the popular methods of TNT SIM Registration as visit the official web link, open TNT Mobile app and then user can visit also nearest TNT Store for verification.

Visit Web Portal

To summarized this one user need to open the web portal, give mobile number and OTP code will paste on required bar and click on “OK”, Now fill the user data form with required credentials and now follow the below step by step guide to doing this one.
  • Enter (11digits) “TNT Mobile Number” in required box then tap on “Send OTP
Enter TNT Mobile number
  • You will received an “OTP Code” on Mobile display within 2 Minutes Time.
  • Copy this code and paste it into “OTP Box” click on “Verify OTP
Verify OTP Code
  • Check the Box “All Terms”
  • Now Hit the option of Registration type as “New SIM ” and old Sim registration.
  • Choose “Nationality”
check box
id card guides
customer information
  • Upload your Issued Valid ID like “Driver License”, PRC ID, TIN ID
  • For id card verification, also upload your id photo
  • After upload your photo will be scanned through the scanner for clarification.
  • You have successfully captured you “ID Information”, Click on “OK” and proceed to “next steps”
upload id card
scan face
upload selfie
successfully captured id information
  • Also paste your important privacy information as “ID Card Number” First, Middle, Last Name, Birthdate, Gender, House Number, Street, Village, Unit Floor, Building, Alternate Contact, Email, Province, City, Zip Code.
  • Now “check tick” as “I hereby attest that I personally
  • User can also take an screenshot for remembering personal details.
  • Click on next and then also press on “Submit” for registration.
Address Information
check box
  • After click on Submit, an successful confirmation SMS will show on your screen.
  • Save your verification control Number, which will alerts about successful registration.
Successfully Registered

Through TNT App

Another way of registration TNT Sim through GigaLife or Smart App, its also an secure or straightforward process.

  • Download Smart App: Visit play Store and download, install this app and open it securely.
  • Register Your SIM Now: Click on this header notification in front of user end.
  • SIM Card Number: Enter your TNT Number in given required box and “tick on box”.
  • Register: Now hit this button to move next.
download and open smart app
Enter your TNT SIM Number
  • OTP Code: An verification OTP code will show on your display.
  • Click on Proceed: Now paste the code and hit the proceed within 5 minutes.
  • Select ID Card: Select your govt issued card like passport, “id card number”
OTP Code
customer information
  • Upload Photo: Your photo must be cleared and then click on “Take Photo” , which shown on “ID Card Verification”
  • Face Verification: After uploading your picture, Take your selfie with clear results as its sized as should minimum and the also smoothly it will upload.
upload id card
face verification
  • Customer Information: After uploading photo, “Customer information” page will open, Select “Type of Registration” you can select “I’m registering my old sim”.
  • Address Information: Provide your present information as fill the form likewise House/Lot Number, Street, Subdivision, Unit Floor, Building, Province and also City.
customer info
Address Information
  • Summary: An detailed overview of your given data, mostly is “Summary” on your mobile display you can review it again to confirm the details.
  • Check Box: Filled the box by checking it and then click on “submit”
  • Registration Successful: After doing all steps you will received the confirmation message like Congratulation on activating your TNT SIM.
congratulation you have registered

Registration Through SMS

Simple procedure is on your keypad phone like how user can register TNT SIM or also register you TM SIM through the SMS or text so follow the below guide and register it.

  • Mus.t have ready your Valid ID Card and other related information.
  • Click on Message App, Create new composition.
  • Type “Reg“, (First Name, Middle and Last Name) and Birthdate
  • Send this information on (8080)
  • Wait for Successful Registration Message on your Mobile Screen.

ID Required For TNT SIM

  • Valid Passport
  • National ID
  • Voter ID
  • E-Card
  • Driving License
  • Police Clearance
  • Social Security Service
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippine ID.

How To Solve Location Error

Even you’re trying to register you Sim online through web portal or application then you need to resolve this issue by connecting with TNT physical store or virtual services, follow this guide and solve the issue.

  • Search this link ““.
  • Select your preferable city.
  • Now hit the button “Book Appointment
  • After this click on ‘Virtual or In Store option.

Gift After TNT SIM Registration

For Existing SIM

After the verification successful, existing sim user also gets 3GB data, Unlimited Calls and Text along with Smart Sim, For avail this offer, download TNT app and then participate into free offers.

For New Sim owners

For those user who interest to buy the new TNT SIM, can get an higher data offer with up to 21GB data, free calls and text, so you can also register your new sim in 2024.

What are TNT and E-SIM?

FeaturesTNT-E SIMRegular TNT SIM
ActivationInserted into Phone
(Micro, Nano)
Digital Available
SIM TypePhysical SIM InsertedInstalled Via QR Code
CompatibilityAll Device SupportedE-SIM supported devices
Lost ProblemCan be lostVery Less Chances


How to register in TNT SIM?

To register your sim, you need to visit this link (, Paste your number on sim registration portal, received OTP Code, Fill the required information form and then you will get confirmation message.

Are TNT and Smart the same?

TNT famous as “N Text” and its also an cellular service of Smart Sim Network.

How do I register my TNT number with GCash?

Link your TNT number with GCash app by clicking on “My Account” and then type on Link Mobile Number now press on submit.

Which is better TNT or Globe?

Most of the Philippine audience prefers to use Globe SIM for better coverage and signal strength while on data based (33.63% of Globe), (32.93% by Smart), (11.59 by TNT SIM), (SUN Cellular by 1.95% and TM with 8.94%)

Is TNT a prepaid SIM?

Its an prepaid service with first one successful registration get 22GB Free data, Unlimited Text and Calls.

How much is 1 month load in TNT?

Here are the 1 month packages as (Giga Stories, Price: PHP 199, 2GB Data, 1GB Social Apps for 30 days), (Giga Surf, Price: PHP 299, 4GB Data Access and 1GB of Apps for 30 days, so multiple packages available on portal so user can view it.