How to Know if Your Sim is Registered [Unlocking Easy Steps]

How to Know if Your Sim is Registered [Unlocking Easy Steps]

Various questions are mandatory for the user to secure their private data as well and also one of them is how to know if your sim is registered. Is it important to register the sim card with personal information such as name, address, email and other necessary details? Enhancing security measures, privacy security and safe proceedings, then its requires registering the sim, but how you can check this don’t worry we have a complete step-by-step guide for you, stay connected to learn the simple ways.

Before checking this detail some simple methods, are applied to know about the registration, here are the working methods By using the Mobile dialer screen SSD code, “SMS verifications“, online checking methods and also by contacting your “globe network provider“.

Sim Registration Working Mechanism & Traits

The prime feature of SIM network provider is to secure their clients’ data which involves registering your SIM card with name, location and also proper usable email. Every aspect of providing information and then being verified to know the accuracy user’s identity. Keeping track of using the proper services then requires these crucial steps from users. Here are the below some attributes which you can get by registering your sim.

Enhanced Safety

Under the variation of situations like theft of your device with a SIM card, If your SIM is registered with the required details, then investigations and tracking of your device are much more convenient for the legal authorities to secure the device from unauthorized access.

ID Verification

In the final and last step of processing the registration, a store service provider also requires a valid government-issued ID card from the user to check the linking between SIM and identity verification.

Legal Compliance

It is a mandatory responsibility for mobile sim users they remember to secure data protection and obey the laws of telecommunication. Complications with security and authority enable these solutions to save a stand of data.

Improved Resources & Services

After the collection of data into the telecom, offering multiple resources, quality services and also satisfaction for customers. Facing the issue of service, move to contact with network providers for improvement of signals and capacity.

How to Know if Your Sim is Registered

Having involved multiple technical steps, now the importance of SIM card registration is up to the mark, following these methods you can check if your SIM is registered.

Using SMS Method:

  • Open the messaging app on your device, type “SAGOT” convey this SMS by sending it on 8888
  • Wait for a few minutes, and confirm the message will be on your mobile display then you can check this whether your sim is registered or not.

Through Dial:

  • A simple and easy code from the company will be available, by dialling on your screen and then pressing on the call button, checking from this technique is the most reliable and convenient.

Online Method:

  • Similar to other online portals, check the official platform of telecom
  • Locate on Check Sim Registration
  • Enter the details etc Phone Number
  • Follow more instructions on your display and then a registration message will appear.

Visit Physically Retail:

  • Check the nearest retail shop and ask him about registration
  • Tell your SIM number and request them to check the details of the verification
  • They will guide you through your sim registration process within a few minutes.

Why is Sim Registration Essential?

Various reasons prove that it’s an important factor to register the sim card as a security and protection layer, preventing the robbery of the device and unauthorized verification, regulations of compliance, helps a lot in emergency and also more offers can be accessible after the registration.

Signals Your Sim is not Registered

  • Some indications show that your Sim having issues and has also not been verified
  • Unavailable to make calls and messages on your phone
  • receiving notifications from telecom to register your globe sim

What should do if the sim is unverified

  • In this condition, try to find network operator and type your issue
  • gathered the documents and shared them with staff
  • After doing this collection, wait and then reset your factory setting.

Overcome Sim card Problems

Still, if you’re facing errors in registering your Globe sim, here are some optimised tips to perform earlier this process safely as you will provide the authentic and latest document of your details, daily basis check the confirm message and stay updated by using dial or SMS techniques and at the end keeping your device secure from malware errors.


In this detailed article, we explored different ways for users of telecom how they can register their sim without involving any technical steps, as variable advantages to secure this with your personal information containing email, name and related details. Not only this you can check through your device by landing on the Globeone app.


How do I check my sim registration details?

Want to verify whether your registration has it successfully verified or not, choose the original website of Globe Telecom, select the SIM registration input your number and check this.

Can a registered SIM card be tracked?

Surely, if you’re a mobile user, but due to some theft reasons your device has been lost but don’t need to worry as it can be traced.